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CPM Adnetwork

Publisher CPM Adnetwork is our network known all over the world that consists of a network of direct publishers with multitude of Websites and APPs originating thousand millions of ideas on a monthly basis for thousands of global campaigns in various aspects in the entire world.

The composition of BrokerLTD's improvement technics for Real Time Bidding (RTB), together with sound accessories and our experience in media procurement allow us to increase yield to the highest degree from our Publishers' traffic, acquiring supreme eCPMs on the market.

The results received by means of using the Publisher CPM Adnetwork will be monitored and studied by the BrokerLTD's highly skilled professionals daily, improving the campaigns that show the greatest outcomes in terms of numeracy of alternatives along with looking for fresh potentials considering studies accomplished.

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  • RTB: media purchase on a real time basis
  • Platforms: Web, Mobile
  • Models: CPM, dCPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, RevShare
  • Media: Rich Media, Video, Display
  • Goals: Execution, Branding, and so forth
  • Targeting: Behavioral, Geographic, Socio-Demographic, Channel, Retargeting
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Advantages for the #Publisher

  • Best eCPMs on the market
  • Best Campaigns by uprights around the world
  • Access to the Best Advertisers
  • Control over ads and creative services provided
  • Monitoring of advertisement and inventive services
  • Payments in time
  • Dedicated Media Buyers

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