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Welcome to BrokerLTD, a fast developing company in the advertising network sector. Our specialization is Performance and Result-based Marketing. The main idea of our business is offering new solutions of ad networking to our customers. We understand what our clients really need and do our best not to let them down. We can offer the best opportunities of buying traffic, selling traffic and posting banner advertising. Whether you need to buy traffic or to sell traffic, our company offers the best possibilities of doing all that.

BrokerLTD was designed for Publisher and Advertiser. Our customers gain the best results using our ad networks, no matter if they are in forms of trips, vends, leads, etc., ensuring the best ROI corresponding to every type of the performed function. Social networks, Retargeting, Email, Mobile, Display and other possible origins of traffic are used to provide our clients with all available advantages.

We propose the following ad networks:

  • Advertiser CPA Network (gets an access to a number of branches worldwide carrying up to millions of transfers every month. CPA, CPL, and so on may be used for recompense).
  • Advertiser CPM Adnetwork (ensures an access to thousands of millions of point of views per month. Moreover, it provides interaction with thousands of publishers and over 400 advertisers. RTB technique can be noticed in a range of models).
  • Advertiser Permission Network (ensures an access to the most suitable market share for all our clients possessing our Email Marketing database).
  • Advertiser Mobile Adnetwork (gets an access to thousands of millions of ideas every month. Besides, it makes possible to interact with thousands of publishers and upward of 400 advertisers. RTB/Mobile formats/Targeting/).
  • Advertiser Vertical Network (a vertical advertising maintenance aiming at style, shopping and vacations. It is a perfect possibility of initiating result-based or branding).
  • Publisher CPA Network (Affiliate Network concentrated on campaigns built upon payment for fulfillment basis such as CPA, CPL, CPD, etc. It gets an access to a lot of campaigns with essential payments).
  • Publisher CPM network (Being known worldwide and consisting of direct Publishers with a number of APPs and Websites, it gives an access to a lot of campaigns out of the Best Advertisers throughout the globe. The best eCPMs is together with RTB).

Thus, BrokerLTD is the best way to increase your earnings from the projects, as well as save your time!