How to deal with mobile landing?

Below you will find rather my thoughts about the mobile target pages, than a kind of guidance. There are more questions, than answers. Let's say, it is a sort of introduction to the manual on creation of mobile landing I'm working at. A part you will find in the blog. Everything will be placed on the closed forum. Unfortunately, I don't know when it will be finished.

A couple of points:

  • Landing should be always tested
  • It should be tested together with the direct traffic
  • You aren't representational. Don't be a perfectionist! Don't take much care to the"one ideal lend that would work". Don`t even think about it, it wouldn't
  • You aren't representational. Don`t be a perfectionist! Don't take much care to the"one ideal lend that would work". Don't even think about it, it wouldn't.
  • It's better to create a dozen of landings with different approaches.

How I normally work with a new topic:

  • I look at the offer
  • I look at the offer once again
  • I think of how to make the user to be interested in.
  • Then I make a list of every useful thing I collected. Thus, I creat the approaches.
  • While viewing them, I decide what to place on banners, and what on the lend.
  • I make up a number of draftings, draw placeholders of the lends, submit for voting in the network.
  • I give everything appropriate to be processed. It's better to be fulfilled by different people to get more diversity.
  • I examine my competitors, how they deal with the offer. I'm doing this procedure on this very stage not to clutter my head up in advance.
  • I turn on one or several campaigns, depending on how different approaches are. I run the traffic and watch without switching off anything.
  • Obvious losers appear. So, I check and turn it off.
  • On the base of some evident winners I create some banner branches and lends, as well as continue the testing. It is here, where the most interesting stuff begins.

That's all, if speaking extremely shortly. By the way, it's not the only one model.

A plenty of questions remain:

  • How many banners are necessary? The more, the better. 10-20 - some designs, a couple of representations for each of them. It depends on working, whether it is CPM or CPC.
  • How many lends are necessary? Beginning from 3 items, better from 5.
  • What and how is it necessary to be tested foremost during A/B testing? Comparing different conceptions, in particular, design, approaches, it's essential to look at the follow rate and common CR after the landing and thinking.
  • Why don't you need to throw losers away? Because 2-3 words in the title may change the follow rate and CR manifold. Always do the branches from losers and check.
  • What exactly and how to test during MVT and why do you need it? Pigs and whistles change everything. Representations, color of buttons, flashing speed, everything is important and may change the follow rate and conversion. That's why every separate element should be tested.
  • What is important when creating the mobile lends? Size, scalability, very accurate title, as well as extremely understandable call for action.


  • What variants of banners and when should be connected up?
  • What are there tools for MVT and how to create MVT without special tools?
  • What mobile landing is technically right?
  • How and what type of lends testing except A/B and MVT may be held? Why?
  • What database set and from what side should it be considered while analyzing the lends' efficiency?
  • How not to overoptimize and stop in the right moment?
  • Why is everything so complicated?
  • What information do you have about the mobile target pages and their testing?