What do app installs mean?

Speaking in the meaning of mobile traffic, an app install is a type of the offer. It is an app installation from official or non-official app stores mainly. It is also considered as an app marketplace. The most widespread app stores are Google Play, iOS App Store, Amazon Appstore, Windows Phone Store, Amazon Appstore, Blackberry World

The most prevailing ones for "traffic arbitrage" are the following:

  • Google Play is Android app install
  • iOS App Store is obviously iOS app install

Flow is very simple for a user: he follows the banner (more rarely, the link from a pre- landing page) and get on to this or that market, where installs the application in the framework of the market's interface. It is understandable, the user's level of credibility is sufficiently high.

What are the peculiarities when installation is running?

There are some options strongly affecting CR:

  • Size of install. The more the size is, the less it is installed by the users. Sometimes, a developer may be devious: the app size itself is small, but after starting-up, some more hundreds of meters are additionally uploaded. In case the size is less than 30 MB, the installs will run on 3G traffic. If more, only Wi-Fi. For some other countries, for example, for the most countries of SEA, the Wi-Fi limitation will be not 30 MB, but 5-10 MB.
  • Description and screenshots. Sometimes the description is obviously bad. Sometimes, not highly skilled ASO specialists work on this, whereat there is no wish either to read, or install it. The same situation is applicable to the screenshots. In such cases it is better to try a pre-landing page. The installs are mainly promoted on the markets, but according to my experience, the work by means of the pre-landing page gives better profit in roughly half the instances.
  • Up-to-datedness/wide promotion of install. Here is everything quite simple: the audience could have already got the promotion. So, everybody interested in has already installed it. The newer install is, the higher probability for it to be run well.

The following moments should be taken into account:

  • Lead cap is a restriction to installs quantity throughout the network in whole or on publisher incidentally. Usually, the caps are low, in particular, hundreds per day. Even if firstly it was mentioned "unlimited", there could be requested to stop the traffic in 1000 installs. It is better not to drag on optimization. It is possible to break even by the moment when all caps will be chosen.
  • Conversion Rate. It is understandable, currently almost everybody is watching events on inapp and counting LTV, RPU and other useful indicators. Nevertheless, it is CR that is the simplest and fastest way to identify incents, bots and other trash and fraud. The guys responsible for interaction with networks get the instructions from the top like " If CR > n%, stop traffic and say it was motivated". It is bad, but meanwhile so are the rules of the game. How to deal with it? As usually, it is better to interact with a manager asking how best to behave in this situation. It may be allowed to use it with CR more than system one, but may be requested to mix it
  • The app lifecycle phase. If it is a softlaunch, it is most likely that you will not see any offer. If you saw it anyway, the softlaunch permanently requires the qualitative, stable and controlled traffic. If it is a boost, most probably it will be necessary to have an incentive traffic, in particular, for iOS installs. In this case, the advertiser is ready to accept the traffic almost of any quality, if only to manage the necessary quantity of installs on the market's top. The most understandable and interesting for the "traffic arbitrage" is an active base phase. It is when the qualitative and meaningful sources have been already launched and began to place offers in the networks. Thus, generally, the ad will be provided with the qualitative traffic, but here the requirements are lower than on the softlaunch stage. Such offers may exist during some months.

It is possible to start with installs, but you should get the idea of the playing users, and ask managers in detail, what it is worth to use right now.

I don't speak here about the motivated installs and installs .apk. These topics are interesting, but for separate posts.