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BrokerLTD Advertiser CPM Adnetwork is our advertising platform granting access to thousands of millions of ideas on a monthly basis. We deal with more than 400 advertisers and thousands of Publishers all around the globe. The composition of BrokerLTD's improvement technics for Real Time Bidding (RTB), together with sound accessories and our experience in media purchase guarantees that the BrokerLTD Advertiser CPM Adnetwork proposes lucrative ways to reach various goals for each and every advertiser.

The BrokerLTD's professional team purchases and vends media in efficient ways to get the most suitable ROI for our advertisers. Thus, we are trying to come across worldwide public with strong capabilities.

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We have earned the trust of 25,869 publishers

Our Offer

Media is purchased by us with our progressive forecasting technics for Real Time Bidding. Technics of the RTB gives us an opportunity to purchase and assess every idea individually, depending on how essential users are for our campaign. For the purpose to achieve this, we take on particular users in accordance with target public searched by our customer. We can focus on appropriate user where and when it is required.

In contrast to usual buying for thousand ideas (CPM), where attitude to all users is similar, and this fresh manner lets us to focus on the most searched users in terms of targets of every specific campaign. Such manner of purchasing is concentrated neither on the rank, nor sustention where users are situated but on users` importance. This permits us to bring forth substantial payments with no need to purchase Premium sites in particular places.

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Suitable expenditures and
payment options

Our efforts are directed to meet the requirements of customers with various payment options: CPM, CPC, CPL, Dynamic CPM, CPA. The best prices and payment options are attentively researched by our Account Managers in order to meet the requirements of all advertisers and campaigns.

Improved and founded on execution

Each campaign is improved every day in order to enhance our advertisers ROI, making exposure, degree of the leads and sales results better.

The right type of traffic

A lot of traffic origins are verified by our Campaign Managers, providing only those which convert the most perfectly for all campaigns and concentrating their endeavors on them.


Taking into account the difficulty of the present surrounding, it is very important to achieve the correct goal for your campaign; therefore, we composed retargeting or behavioral lists.

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